The Internet in 100 YEARS


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The Internet is one of the important things in one’s present life, according to “ In 2014, nearly 75% (2.1 billion) of all internet users in the world (2.8 billion) live in the top 20 countries. The remaining 25% (0.7 billion) is distributed among the other 178 countries, each representing less than 1% of total users” which shows us how important is internet, if you are reading this now you are one of the users as well of course let’s see according to current technology how the internet might be in 100 years from now if it exist.

No man can predict the future with 100% accuracy, even it is 100 days or 100 years from now. But we can look at where current technology is heading for and how may it will be in the future. Let’s look at some of the predictions made by mankind about the future of the internet.

  • Something new and advance technology will take its place
  • Everyone will be networked

Networking with family, friends & work.

  • Monitored and computerized

Human bodies, Homes, Businesses will be monitored 24/7/365.

  • Thought controlled communication

People will be able to communicate through thought by aid of the internet and advanced technology.

  • Super computerized brains

Some speculate that we will be connected to super computers which will help our brains work much faster and of course better.

  • E-mail and Teleportation

Where people can teleport objects to another using email. Online stores and delivery will be much easy.

  • Fingerprints and DNA

DNA will be used sign digital fingerprints as a privacy safeguard.

  • Hologram meetings

Meet anyone using hologram devises which may be connected to social media.

  • Thought controlled web search

Searching the web by simply thinking , mechanisms connected to human brains which enabling us to access the internet using our brains anywhere anytime.

  • It will be everywhere and everything (THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING “IOE”)

Almost many things in our life is connected to the web already, in near future there will be few more thing will be connected to the internet such as SMART CARS , SMART APPLIANCES , SMART BEDS ETC.

But will it be secured and protect our privacy? What if these high techs abused or get in to the wrong hands? And the loss of employment due to automated services like smart cars, smart transportation the impact on societies. That’s a question we don’t know the answer for it yet but we hope there will be solutions for make everything better tomorrow for everyone.

Author : Atheeq Anver


Are we stuck in a routine …?


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From the time we wake up and till we go to bed we just do the same routine over and over, okay i make it clear for you my daily routine goes as follows.

• wake Up
• brush,wash,Iron,polish etc
• sign in work 1
• sign off work 1
• sign in work 2
• sign off work 2
• mean while break first,lunch,dinner,very little face book,way more little you tube,think,think.
• again brush,wash,sleep 

this is a typical life of a human being in every 70 out of 100 people you see/meet everyday. some may have a little more time to spend with their loved ones,friends,family or even trip and tours but what i am trying to say is we have circled our self’s where placing us in center and we are stuck in a same routine nothing more nothing less we think about it , how many of us have thought that we need to explore out of this circle and see what it is all about..? I do agree we need this routine in order for us to survive in this environment or in this challenging era but the fact is

• wake up to welcome a new day
• work to earn,earn to eat,eat to live,live meaningfully and live to inspire
• be an example for your children,make your parents proud,spend more time with your loved ones wife or husband because life is just a one time opportunity you have to live every second don’t waste it it will never come back trust me you will be dissapointed by the time you realize it.
• and beyond everything trust your religion trust your god,path,messenger indeed there should be something that we don’t understand that we don’t want to understand i believe we did not just transform to humans from animals or some bacterias this is what the Wikipedia says about human evolution in scientific view :Genetic studies show that primates diverged from other mammals about 85 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period, and the earliest fossils appear in the Paleocene, around 55 million years ago.[2] The family Hominidae diverged from the Hylobatidae (Gibbon) family 15-20 million years ago, and around 14 million years ago, the Ponginae (orangutans), diverged from the Hominidae family.[3] Bipedalism is the basic adaption of the Hominin line, and the earliest bipedal Hominin is considered to be either Sahelanthropus or Orrorin, with Ardipithecus, a full bipedal, coming somewhat later. The gorilla and chimpanzee diverged around the same time, about 4-6 million years ago, and either Sahelanthropus or Orrorin may be our last shared ancestor with them. The early bipedals eventually evolved into the australopithecines and later the genus Homo.

so where did the first little cell come from? who created it everything just didn’t start up or get created by them selfs.we each and every one has our unique qualities we can think we can act , what if you go to bed and wake up in a different place or you see your own body laid down on the floor right in front of you where your parents,children,loved ones cry..? what is your answer will you try to find scientific reasons..? no right..! yes indeed we do need science but now in this planet earth the future of science i don’t see which will be useful for humans or nature it is like 40% of the inventions are created to medicine,hospitality,health,cure,transportation etc but 60% its harmful,pollution,war,unhealthy etc etc. what i am trying to say is pray for your creator its not about the religion its about believe in it you have to trust it after all if it is one creator out there he will not mind you calling him in different ways in fact he will understand it.

my dear friends i know i am not a successful man to say all this but some one has to be the first i am trying to live my life .. i want you to do the same for me LIVE YOUR LIFE , remember there is no undo,ctrl+z will not work in real life.
be inspired be loved be faithful and be an example.

By : Atheeq Anver

How to be a human… Are we really humans..?


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have you ever notice that some say “Oh man he is a god”, “damn she is an angel” or “He is a demon” of course you have aren’t you the fact is that’s our soul make us different our soul which makes us an angel a demon or a total basted but that’s not an excuse for us to say that i meant to be this way , obviously you are not programmed you have given a very special unique soul that makes yourself, your identity make use of it we have heard,seen about great people greatness just don’t occur it’s caused from your deeds, your acts, you have to earn it for your self. you may be a successful businessman, actor, soldier, singer or who ever you are but are you humans have you ever been satisfied by any deeds that you have done in your entire life…?

• make a list of good deeds that you have done (a good deed to others it can be to humans or animals not for your self)
• make a list of the bad deeds that you have done (this can be to others or to animals or for your self)
but make sure you keep this in a private place so that others will not read your list. maintaining a list of “good and bad” will make you to judge yourself so that you can analyze and score yourself .
• Treat every life with respect
every life is special as yours no matter if they are poor or rich if you can help someone get out of your car fold your sleeves help the person cross the road, help to push another car or whatever help needed according to the situation do not think twice if your list is low with good deed percentage than your bad. keep the list with you always when ever you face a problem or you feel depressed take out the good deed list and try to visualize one by one from the beginning to end . i guarantee that eventually your depression will fade off in this era everyone get’s depressed at some point therefore this is a good way to feel better at that time before you make any decisions where it can be even worse. be careful when talking to others because once you said something it cannot be swallowed. care for animals if you have a pet don’t treat it as a pet treat it as a life take good care talk to them some can understand feed em not only care only for your pet care for other animals too but be extremely Cautious do not get any closer.
• Stop being an alcoholic
no matter how good you try to be it will always reflects your bad, your foolishness since you are out of control by the time you realize everything it’s too late you have married a slut in a night club or you ran nude all over street now you have been arrested for that i mean do not waste your life insanely. if you can’ quite it completely go home with your bottle have a sip don’t be shamed in front of people who you are trying to be good.
• human body
we all know that some day we have to leave our body which means when our soul separates from our body which causes death. we do not own our bodies therefore treat with care try to reduce smoking, eat healthy foods, consume enough water, join a gym after all be thankful people in some countries suffer without clean water to drink, without food so be thankful for what you have and please don’t waste any. if you feel you can’t eat any don’t waste it give it to someone who is poor and give it with a smile and respect he will see god through you.
• money is not everything

money is a paper which people made it for exchange purpose gave it a value so that it can be counted it can be used to exchange with other things or services though it rules the planet earth now which doesn’t mean it can by everything and if you have plenty it’s only given to you because you are the right person to help others who don’t have it. not to abuse or waste it. serve others you will be served by god. imagine you have helped so many people out there in some possible way if you are in a trouble at least their will be one to help you (don’t help people expecting returns from them)you have to act with humanity to be a human you have to earn it..!!!

if we all started to help each other eventually you will be helped either we all are not complete we all need help in someway if you help a person poor than you you will be helped by a person better than you this is the simple concept of help each other.
• The world is an illusion
imagine this is a big scale illusion more like a first person view we see everything to educate yourself everyday we learn something we just ignore it because we have been tricked with our own eyes we have been fooled most of us when we realize either we are too old or we have already left our bodies. human body is given to you as a material to act and react in this world there is a reason for every single thing which we refuse to understand. live your life meaningfully be a perfect human being and happiness will follow you
By : Atheeq Anver
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How to lose weight ?


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This is a frequently searched question in Google and more you find the more you are keen to know , but let me get this very straight to you there is no short cuts and this is not about a surgery to get quick results. However I promise you one thing in my own experience “Hard work pays off” when it comes to HARD WORK it is always about patience  imagine if you are a car and your fuel is patience your destination will be your result therefore it’s hard work + patience = results. Always make sure to keep your motivation at the highest peak .

Mind is everything

Mind has an ultimate power which can make any dream come true so think positive, dare to dream , dare to challenge yourself  and specially don’t care what negative comments you get from people they can tell all kinds of things or even they might insult you by your physical appearance but do not give up at any situation .

Skipping meals is not a solution

This is the worst mistake that you can ever do to yourself and to your body. Please be aware SKIPPING MEALS CAUSE FAT GAIN which means if you start skipping meals it will make you even fatter moreover your metabolism slows down and sometimes you may eat or we can say you may overeat later in your next meal.

Avoid low fat foods

You might start find low fat foods indeed it will save you few calories but it will replace with other unhealthy chemicals and sugar which is even more worse than fat. And sugar can make you little fat too. so avoid taking low fat foods instead eat healthy .

Exercise is what you need

Of course diet plays a big role when it comes to lose weight but exercise what makes you leaner whether you need a shredded body  or an athletic fit body it’s always about workouts , routines, sets, reps so start working out frequently with a proper routine  .*(make sure to have a rest day after a workout day)


Frequent cardiovascular activities can definitely burn a huge amount of fat stored in your body  plug in your headphones and start running also HIIT workouts are recommended when it comes to reduce body fat and conditioning your physique .

Remember to have patience , Nothing comes easy and which comes easy doesn’t last long.

Atheeq Anver

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Life


Nowadays, social networking has been taking a big part in our lives especially through the existence of gadgets that helps us to access programs such as; twitter, Face book, instagram and many more. First of all, let’s talk about the impacts of social networking to our lives in general. 

Starring at your monitor for hours

It doesn’t matter if it is an LED or some high technology eco friendly product which you are starring at right now but just think for a moment spending hours before a computer screen  doesn’t makes you really social at all, give it a break . connect with people using SM (Social Media) but limit it let’s say an hour day or maybe five hours a day if you want to but limit it give your eyes a break go to a park , beach get some relaxation to your eyes and your brain.

Meet your friends

Meet your friends or your loved ones instead of messaging or chatting them if possible because life is short my friend spend it wisely without any regrets. I’m just saying your friend could die tomorrow and you would wish if you knew this is going to happen you would have spend some good time with him or her with full of happiness and joy instead of having a boring little chat.

Use it don’t abuse it

It’s a well know fact that most of the employers hate their employees using SM instead of doing their given work on time. there are people who are addicted to SM while having buildings of files and pending works on their table trust me on this I’ve seen many unless if you are working as a Social Media Specialist . You might not have restrictions about using SM in your work place but do some work over there that’s a place you get payed for doing their work they don’t pay for the maximum amount of likes you get per day. But if you have a little free time yes its okay to use SM to get yourself a relief from all that stress. However abusing is not good for you and your career or your personal life.

Read or write

Once you have a certain limitation for your own self about how much time are you going to spend in SM sites yet if you have a free time nothing to do read online just type in a topic Google will help you find thousands or wonderful articles or visit Wikipedia and reading is good for you. Maybe if you are interested of sharing something you could write or maintain a blog. Again I am not a hater of social media sites I love them but there is a life above your monitor enjoy it in good manner. If you believe in God go to a church or mosque or any religious place you worship and spend some time over there it will make you feel good.

By : Atheeq Anver

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