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How Social Media Can Affect Your Life


Nowadays, social networking has been taking a big part in our lives especially through the existence of gadgets that helps us to access programs such as; twitter, Face book, instagram and many more. First of all, let’s talk about the impacts of social networking to our lives in general. 

Starring at your monitor for hours

It doesn’t matter if it is an LED or some high technology eco friendly product which you are starring at right now but just think for a moment spending hours before a computer screen  doesn’t makes you really social at all, give it a break . connect with people using SM (Social Media) but limit it let’s say an hour day or maybe five hours a day if you want to but limit it give your eyes a break go to a park , beach get some relaxation to your eyes and your brain.

Meet your friends

Meet your friends or your loved ones instead of messaging or chatting them if possible because life is short my friend spend it wisely without any regrets. I’m just saying your friend could die tomorrow and you would wish if you knew this is going to happen you would have spend some good time with him or her with full of happiness and joy instead of having a boring little chat.

Use it don’t abuse it

It’s a well know fact that most of the employers hate their employees using SM instead of doing their given work on time. there are people who are addicted to SM while having buildings of files and pending works on their table trust me on this I’ve seen many unless if you are working as a Social Media Specialist . You might not have restrictions about using SM in your work place but do some work over there that’s a place you get payed for doing their work they don’t pay for the maximum amount of likes you get per day. But if you have a little free time yes its okay to use SM to get yourself a relief from all that stress. However abusing is not good for you and your career or your personal life.

Read or write

Once you have a certain limitation for your own self about how much time are you going to spend in SM sites yet if you have a free time nothing to do read online just type in a topic Google will help you find thousands or wonderful articles or visit Wikipedia and reading is good for you. Maybe if you are interested of sharing something you could write or maintain a blog. Again I am not a hater of social media sites I love them but there is a life above your monitor enjoy it in good manner. If you believe in God go to a church or mosque or any religious place you worship and spend some time over there it will make you feel good.

By : Atheeq Anver

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