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How to lose weight ?


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This is a frequently searched question in Google and more you find the more you are keen to know , but let me get this very straight to you there is no short cuts and this is not about a surgery to get quick results. However I promise you one thing in my own experience “Hard work pays off” when it comes to HARD WORK it is always about patience  imagine if you are a car and your fuel is patience your destination will be your result therefore it’s hard work + patience = results. Always make sure to keep your motivation at the highest peak .

Mind is everything

Mind has an ultimate power which can make any dream come true so think positive, dare to dream , dare to challenge yourself  and specially don’t care what negative comments you get from people they can tell all kinds of things or even they might insult you by your physical appearance but do not give up at any situation .

Skipping meals is not a solution

This is the worst mistake that you can ever do to yourself and to your body. Please be aware SKIPPING MEALS CAUSE FAT GAIN which means if you start skipping meals it will make you even fatter moreover your metabolism slows down and sometimes you may eat or we can say you may overeat later in your next meal.

Avoid low fat foods

You might start find low fat foods indeed it will save you few calories but it will replace with other unhealthy chemicals and sugar which is even more worse than fat. And sugar can make you little fat too. so avoid taking low fat foods instead eat healthy .

Exercise is what you need

Of course diet plays a big role when it comes to lose weight but exercise what makes you leaner whether you need a shredded body  or an athletic fit body it’s always about workouts , routines, sets, reps so start working out frequently with a proper routine  .*(make sure to have a rest day after a workout day)


Frequent cardiovascular activities can definitely burn a huge amount of fat stored in your body  plug in your headphones and start running also HIIT workouts are recommended when it comes to reduce body fat and conditioning your physique .

Remember to have patience , Nothing comes easy and which comes easy doesn’t last long.

Atheeq Anver

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