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How to be a human… Are we really humans..?


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have you ever notice that some say “Oh man he is a god”, “damn she is an angel” or “He is a demon” of course you have aren’t you the fact is that’s our soul make us different our soul which makes us an angel a demon or a total basted but that’s not an excuse for us to say that i meant to be this way , obviously you are not programmed you have given a very special unique soul that makes yourself, your identity make use of it we have heard,seen about great people greatness just don’t occur it’s caused from your deeds, your acts, you have to earn it for your self. you may be a successful businessman, actor, soldier, singer or who ever you are but are you humans have you ever been satisfied by any deeds that you have done in your entire life…?

• make a list of good deeds that you have done (a good deed to others it can be to humans or animals not for your self)
• make a list of the bad deeds that you have done (this can be to others or to animals or for your self)
but make sure you keep this in a private place so that others will not read your list. maintaining a list of “good and bad” will make you to judge yourself so that you can analyze and score yourself .
• Treat every life with respect
every life is special as yours no matter if they are poor or rich if you can help someone get out of your car fold your sleeves help the person cross the road, help to push another car or whatever help needed according to the situation do not think twice if your list is low with good deed percentage than your bad. keep the list with you always when ever you face a problem or you feel depressed take out the good deed list and try to visualize one by one from the beginning to end . i guarantee that eventually your depression will fade off in this era everyone get’s depressed at some point therefore this is a good way to feel better at that time before you make any decisions where it can be even worse. be careful when talking to others because once you said something it cannot be swallowed. care for animals if you have a pet don’t treat it as a pet treat it as a life take good care talk to them some can understand feed em not only care only for your pet care for other animals too but be extremely Cautious do not get any closer.
• Stop being an alcoholic
no matter how good you try to be it will always reflects your bad, your foolishness since you are out of control by the time you realize everything it’s too late you have married a slut in a night club or you ran nude all over street now you have been arrested for that i mean do not waste your life insanely. if you can’ quite it completely go home with your bottle have a sip don’t be shamed in front of people who you are trying to be good.
• human body
we all know that some day we have to leave our body which means when our soul separates from our body which causes death. we do not own our bodies therefore treat with care try to reduce smoking, eat healthy foods, consume enough water, join a gym after all be thankful people in some countries suffer without clean water to drink, without food so be thankful for what you have and please don’t waste any. if you feel you can’t eat any don’t waste it give it to someone who is poor and give it with a smile and respect he will see god through you.
• money is not everything

money is a paper which people made it for exchange purpose gave it a value so that it can be counted it can be used to exchange with other things or services though it rules the planet earth now which doesn’t mean it can by everything and if you have plenty it’s only given to you because you are the right person to help others who don’t have it. not to abuse or waste it. serve others you will be served by god. imagine you have helped so many people out there in some possible way if you are in a trouble at least their will be one to help you (don’t help people expecting returns from them)you have to act with humanity to be a human you have to earn it..!!!

if we all started to help each other eventually you will be helped either we all are not complete we all need help in someway if you help a person poor than you you will be helped by a person better than you this is the simple concept of help each other.
• The world is an illusion
imagine this is a big scale illusion more like a first person view we see everything to educate yourself everyday we learn something we just ignore it because we have been tricked with our own eyes we have been fooled most of us when we realize either we are too old or we have already left our bodies. human body is given to you as a material to act and react in this world there is a reason for every single thing which we refuse to understand. live your life meaningfully be a perfect human being and happiness will follow you
By : Atheeq Anver
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